Plantar Wart Removal

Plantar wart removal can be quite hard. Plantar warts are little abnormal growths which appear on your toes or soles of your feet. They are a result of the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV gets into your body via tiny cuts and cracks in the skin.

Plantar wart removal

Many plantar warts aren’t a critical health problem and they will normally disappear in their own time. Plantar wart removal is generally advised to reduce the symptoms.

It also helps to minimize pain and reduce the length of time the sufferer has them. It also needed to decrease the transfer of the virus to other people.

Natural at home methods are very effective at plantar wart removal. There are a variety of 100% natural remedies available to people that want to cure their plantar warts themselves.

With natural remedies there is little to no risk of scarring or side effects. So you can try as many methods as you like. With the right information and patience, plantar wart removal using natural methods can become very easy and pain-free.  

There are also a number of techniques doctors use for plantar wart removal. Plantar warts can be resistant against some of these treatments. So a number of plantar wart removal methods might have to be looked into. A doctor is likely to begin with the very least painful and damaging procedure.  

Cryotherapy is a plantar wart removal technique in which the physician freezes the wart. Using a spray canister or cotton-tipped applicator. Liquid nitrogen is then placed on to your wart. This results in a blister to form on and around the wart. It then takes approximately one week for the dead tissue to fall off.

Plantar wart removalOne downfall is that recurring treatments may be needed to guarantee the plantar wart removal. This procedure is also quite expensive. Though it isn’t too painful and after a few treatments is usually successful.

Another issue with cryotherapy is that it can often result in a scar being formed where the wart used to be.

Your physician might also advise applying cantharidin to your wart. This plantar wart removal treatment is carried out with the extract from the blister beetle.  It is then mixed with salicylic acid. Then it’s applied to the plantar wart and covered with a bandage. This method is mostly pain-free. Though the skin blister that is left is quite unpleasant. Your doctor then cuts away the dead section of the wart in approximately a week.

Cantharidin should always be applied properly by a medical professional. As it does have the potential to cause some adverse side effects. For this reason care must be taken when looking at this method of plantar wart removal.

An alternate way of plantar wart removal is by using an electric needle. This procedure can be effective. However it often leaves behind a nasty scar.

Doctors can perform laser therapy for tough plantar wart removal. However it is typically not the initial method that medical professionals advise. Laser surgical procedures are expensive and painful. They usually need numerous sessions of treatment to completely remove the wart.
hand holding a syringe

A substitute for painful plantar wart removal options is immunotherapy. This is an approach to make use of the human body’s natural immune system to get rid of difficult to cure warts.

You can do this using various methods.

The first requires a substance called interferon. This is then injected into the wart by your physician. The interferon will then tell your immune system to reject the wart.

Directly injecting your warts with an antigen is another way. Doing this will boost your immune system telling it to fight off the warts. Doctors typically use mump antigens as most individuals are immunized against the mumps.

For more plantar wart removal methods and techniques – click here. 

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